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International Psychic Medium

How Did I Find My Gifts?

Loss of My Brother, Mark.

I lost my big brother Mark.   I was only 28 and Mark 32.   A fight since the age of 28 eventually Mark could fight no more.   Mark was diagnosed with a brain tumour and now has stepped into bigger things.

This brought me to mediumship.   It took a few years until I was drawn to obtain a reading to make sure Mark was safe.   

I was continually told "I was gifted" and could work with loved ones.  It is all about timing I believe and then was not right.

Time went on, work circumstances and family life allowed me time.   

Here I am now a complete transformation and to date some would not believe Sharon 10 years ago is Sharon now.

Let me join your story.



As a Medium ........

During my 121 or group readings.
You will get the reading you need right now.  We will work on the basis of positivity, love, guidance and random confirmations that make my readings unique.  
Whether you are new to receiving a reading or not I will give you focus and comfort.  

Why Book With Me?
You can read reviews or watch social media videos where I am giving readings.  I am transparent on social media platforms and have nothing to hide.   Never be nervous as I am human just like you.  You laugh I laugh.  You cry I cry.   Readings are an experience for us both.

Let’s Get Together via WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or The Old Fashioned Phone.  

As well as online services we can also get together at my Spiritual Academy in ESSEX, UK.

I can help bring clarity to the most difficult of circumstances.   Connecting to your loved ones with all my gifts is my honour.   To share special moments is priceless.

Booking your 121 or Group Reading with me is straight forward.  Just pop an email below and see you soon.

Get in touch with me today.

If you want to finesse your experience then call me today and let me support you in receiving a reading, joining training classes or booking group functions.  
I offer Wedding Packages, Hen Packages and special occasions.   
Reaching me means you will get everything and more to make this experience memorable.

Every service is either Virtual or Physical - It is your choice I am happy working either way.

You can still enjoy virtual services with

Sharon Psychic Medium.

Call Sharon

Personal Services with Sharon

Did you know you can book with Sharon more than just readings.   
Services are Physical and Virtual.

Sharon can offer you in person only REIKI healing,  take time out and let me help you feel cleansed and relaxed.

As a PAST LIFE REGRESSION therapist the findings of a session are amazing.  Another service which I will only conduct in person.   I am often blown away when clients update me on findings.    


Every experience I see as unique.   

I want you to know when you leave that I have given you the best I can.   

What You Say About Me.

Here are just a few reviews to give you an insight of an experience with me.

121 Reading

Marwa Abdelmegied

International Client  

Sharon nailed it !!! Shes accurate, professional and compassionate. Had a couple of very successful readings, I would definitely recommend her . Find answers of what the future holds for you, connect with your loved ones who are in a better place or simply step into this psychic world for fun....all there if you dare 😉 Coming back for more....


Amanda Coleman


Warming, polite, professional, reassuring and incredibly accurate. Sharon communicates with you in a way that no one else matters other than you. A true spirit friend thank you ❤️




Sharon is the first Medium I have seen and wow, I was impressed! She was far from the stereotypical image I had in mind which bemused me and she immediately put me at ease.  I received just the right amount of guidance I needed and it was not what I expected at all.  if you're still reading this I recommend Sharon 100% Thank you from the depth of my heart!

Reiki Healing



I attended Sharons new Academy for my first Reiki Session.   Wow.   Not only was I felt so welcome, I felt calm and at ease.  The session was completely relaxing and I actually at one point lifted off the bed.   I felt very relaxed and content.  The issues I had before definitely  diminished.  I will be going back for another session.

Training with Sharon

Tracey cummings


Sharon is amazing, she is guiding me through my spiritual journey. She is a wonderful person inside and out and has kept us all going through lockdown. I would highly recommend her to anyone one for her services 100% Thank you Sharon for everything you do.

Service Recognition

Jonathan Taylor


First class service from a highly professional spiritual medium. The contact Sharon made to a family member of mine felt true, honest and reel. The detail passed to me from my family member could only be known by me. I would highly recommend all of Sharon’s services and I now follow her Facebook and Instagram.